Shall we?

“I like these plain fruit cakes better than the chocolate ones.”
“Should I use Google’s STT engine or”
“Catcher in the Rye! can you please lend it to me?”
“Hey! check out this amazing Udemy course on cryptocurrency.”
“Red pill or Blue pill ?” 

24 hours but a million thoughts. We talk to ourselves most of the day ( night as well 😛 ) often oscillating between the past and the future, pausing briefly at the present. Day after day, we board the same train, get off at the same station and sleep with the same dream. We dream of a different tomorrow, a spark that can burn down the rickety schedule that we are following day in and day out. From scrolling endlessly to binging relentlessly, we are flooded with choices and content. It is like, we have this huge mass of energy within us each day and we want to run somewhere but we can’t decided where?

I feel it is really important to watch one’s thoughts and align actions with it. Then only one can walk a bit further without getting lured (distracted) by surrounding trails.

This is not a blog but a bridge to structured thoughts.


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